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"Xvirus Anti-Malware is a simple and easy to use protection tool designed to help you keep your computer at bay from the various threats and infections that can attack it from numerous sources." - Softpedia

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Xvirus Anti-Malware

Xvirus Anti-Malware is a simple and easy to use protection tool designed to help you keep your computer at bay from the various threats and infections that can attack it from numerous sources. It offers several 'Protection Shields', namely the 'Files Guard', the 'Behavior Guard' and the 'Network Guard'.

Xvirus Personal Firewall

Xvirus Personal Firewall is designed as a simple application that enables the user to check all active connections and control which are granted access or not. Xvirus Personal Firewall is a straightforward application that relies on whitelisting and blacklisting for managing the connections.

Xvirus SDK/CLI for business

The Xvirus Scanning Engine is available in both SDK and CLI. It is a easy to use, light and effective way to improve your existing service or product with incredible detection rate and friendly support, a perfect combination for your business.

Why choose Xvirus Anti-Malware?

Already have anti-virus software installed?

Xvirus Anti-Malware is not the same as your common anti-virus solution, it was designed to block threats which your current anti-virus solution may not detect. This means you can use it alongside your current security software. Anyone can freely use Xvirus Anti-Malware by simply downloading and installing it.

Scan your computer easily!

Do you think your computer is infected with malware? With a click of a button you can do a flash or system scan to detect and remove all infection found by Xvirus Anti-Malware.

Protect your computer in real time!

Unlike other anti-malware solutions, Xvirus Anti-Malware offer real time protection for free. Because better than removing malware from your computer is preventing it from getting there.

Brand new Xvirus Auto Mode!

Do you want protection but are tired of constant pop-ups and annoying decision? Activate now the brand new Xvirus Auto Mode and let it do all the hard decisions for you.



Xvirus Anti-Malware includes a completely free version. No ads, no adware, no time limit!


Xvirus Anti-Malware was designed to run alongside your current antivirus.


Xvirus Anti-Malware uses low system resources allowing you to save more for other programs.


Xvirus Anti-Malware protects your pc from malware in real time!


Xvirus Anti-Malware was designed to remove adware from your computer!


Xvirus Anti-Malware includes Ransomware Protection to protect your computer and files!

Easy to use

The simple user interface makes Xvirus Anti-Malware easy to use for everyone!

Automatic Updates

Xvirus Anti-Malware updates itself automatically in the background!

Minimum Requirements

Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10
.NET Framework 4 - Download


  Xvirus Personal Firewall  
    Xvirus Anti-Malware    
Compatible with other security products*
Protects your computer in real-time against malware
Protects your computer against ransomware
Cloud Protection
Scans your computer for any signs of malware
Network Protection and Monitor
Password Protection
Check your computer status on our online dashboard  
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*It is recommended to add Xvirus to the whitelist of other products and vice versa.



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